Thursday, November 12, 2009

I tried procrastinating, but I couldn't be bothered

Arnold Schwarzenegger was the Terminator. Ronald Reagan was the Great Communicator. Well, move aside, fellas--here comes the Great Procrastinator.

Well, I would be if I could be bothered.

I have been working on this blog all day. Yep, it's taken me 1o hours to write 41 words. Not to much to show for all my sweat (we've officially cracked that heatwave record I wrote about the other day).

But in the meantime I've done all sorts of worthy things like going to out to lunch (relationships are important), checking my Facebook page (relationships are important), checking my Twitter account (all relationships are important).

That's not all. I've checked my emails many times (good communication is important), made a couple of phone calls when my email stopped working (see, good communication is important!) and even managed to fix a problem with email on my iPhone (you know what I'm going to say here).

These are all acceptable things to do, especially because I've been putting off doing a couple of them for a while. But they're nothing compared to what I should have been doing today: writing a magazine article, starting a script and working on my book...

So here I am writing about what I'm not writing.

P. J. O'Rourke was right when he said writers will do anything to avoid writing (thanks Michael Hyatt!

So I'm going to stop. Now. After all, the dishes are waiting.

A blog about nothing? Seinfeld ain't got nothing on me!

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